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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 18, 2011

Take a Look At Eva Longoria’s Meeting With Mario López for his new Show “H8R”

Take a Look At Eva Longoria’s Meeting With Mario López for his new Show “H8R”

Photo: Mario López, Eva Longoria, and Cyber Trolls!

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“H8R” is the name of the new television show produced by Mario López in which celebrities get to confront their online hecklers.  The show, set to start on September 14 uses hidden camera schemes to get “haters” referred to as “online trolls” to speak their boisterous minds about celebrities.  Then, the show brings out the celebrities, for a nice bit of the same formula that has been selling film and television since black and white times: Conflict.

“It’s quite easy, to tell you the truth,” Lopez said at a Q&A Panel for the show. “(The Internet) provides a forum for cowards, quite honestly, because they’re in their home and probably chilling out in their underwear and saying all these vicious things.  And then we thought it would be interesting, what if this person confronted the person they’re bashing, and would they say it face to face? Would they still have the guts to tell them to their face? And that’s what we’re going to find out, but because of the Internet, we’re able to find a plethora of haters.”

Mario López visited pal Eva Longoria at her restaurant “Beso,” where filming for his show took place. There are no pictures of Longoria’s “H8R,” but we are sure, her online “troll” gets owned by Eva Longoria, only to 15 minutes later, bury the hatchet by suggestion of López.  Doesn’t sound like this makes for great TV but then again that’s what they said about “Jersey Shore.”