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Monday June 6, 2011

Tacos y Cervesas Arrive in Paris

Tacos y Cervesas Arrive in Paris

Photo: (HiP Paris Blog)

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Earlier this year, a restaurant opening brought the city of Paris some hard-to-find items. Tacos.

Candelaria, one of the few restaurants in the City of Light serving up tacos and other Mexican favorites, opened in March in the hipster-friendly Marais district, and not only serves the Mexican cuisine but Mexican beer and Jarritos sodas as well.

Located at 52 rue de Saintonge, this taqueria was founded by former New Yorkers and NYU grads Adam Tsou and Josh Fontaine, and Adam’s wife Carina Soto Velasquez. To make sure the food is authentic, chef Luis Rendon was brought in. Rendon is originally from Mexico City, and while forced to have the chiles imported, he hand makes a

Business is currently booming for Tsou and his partners in a city where Mexican food doesn’t tend to do well.

It could have something to do with Tsou and Rendon’s approach to the Mexican cuisine.

ImageTsou says he knows the French tend to avoid spicy food, but told the New York Times, “We didn’t’ want to compromise.”

However, for those that simply don’t have a taste for Mexican, they can indulge in Mexican cocktails in the bar portion of the building, which is relatively hidden behind a mostly-unnoticed door at the back of the taqueria.

When entering the bar, patrons leave “that taco-shack-on-the-beach feel” and enter the completely different atmosphere of the lounge-like back room.

The back bar has bartenders serving up reasonably priced margaritas, Singapore slings, and a specialty known as the “Guêpe Verte,” or “green hornet,” with a number of the drinks’ sweeteners made in-house, only serving to show their dedication to “getting it right.”