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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 29, 2011

Swine Flu Reappears in Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez, Two Reported Dead

Swine Flu Reappears in Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez, Two Reported Dead

Photo: Swine Flu reappears in Mexico

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In Mexico, local health authorities have confirmed the reappearance of the AH1N1 flue virus (known as Swine Flu) in Ciudad Juarez after a second person’s death in recent days.

At a press conference Friday, the Health Secretariat in the Mexico-U.S. border town, which is located in the state of Chihuahua, confirmed that the virus had taken another life following the recent death of a traffic cop. A third person has been infected, but is said to be in stable condition.

Chihuahua’s health secretary, Sergio Piña, said clinical studies confirmed the presence of virus in all three cases. Right now, he said there are 25 suspected cases, with 13 of the people being outpatients not confined to a hospital. The others are under permanent medical observation.

The official second virus victim was a woman between the ages of 30 and 35.

At the same press conference, the Education, Culture, and Sports Secretariat announced that any student coming to school showing signs of respiratory illness will be sent home. The precaution will be taken for the students will illness that does not appear to be what it referred to as the “human flue.”

Friday, federal health secretary, Jose Angel Cordova confirmed the two deaths, and said that nationwide, there has been an increase in cases of seasonal flu, but stated this was not the same, and was a less aggressive type of illness.

He added that the Ciudad Juárez outbreak could be associated with the presence of influenza in Texas due to the large number of people traveling back and forth across the border.

A health alert was in effect from April 2009 to June 2010 after the first outbreak of the AH1N1 virus, which infected 72, 548 and killed 1,316.