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Latino Daily News

Friday July 2, 2010

Suspect in Mexico’s U.S. Consulate Shooting CAPTURED

The Mexican government announced another key arrest made in their war on narcotrafficers and drug-gangs today, with the arrest of Jesus Ernesto Chavez Castillo, also known as “Camel”.  In March, Castillo was suspected of orchestrating the ambush deaths of 3 U.S. consulate personnel in Cuidad Juarez.  In addition, Castillo, as a leader of the Azteca drug gang, was accused of killing 13 teens at a party in June.

The teens were attending a party in Cuidad Juarez, when they were mistaken as gang members of the Aristas Asesinos, a rival drug gang.  Since that shooting, the Aristas and Azteca gangs have engaged in bloody retribution shootings throughout the country.


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