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Wednesday January 25, 2012

Survey of U.S. and Florida Hispanics Reveals Support for Romney, Though Obama Still in Lead

Survey of U.S. and Florida Hispanics Reveals Support for Romney, Though Obama Still in Lead

Photo: Survey of U.S. and Florida Hispanics Reveals Support for Romney, Though Obama Still in Lead

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Univision/ABC News/Latino Decisions have released a new survey of U.S. & Florida Hispanics

Survey shows Gov. Romney leading rivals among Florida Republican Hispanic voters; President Obama continues to hold strong lead over all potential GOP opponents, but enthusiasm challenge persists

Univision, ABC News and Latino Decisions released a new survey today of 500 registered Hispanic voters nationwide, with an oversample of 500 registered Hispanic voters in the state of Florida.

Key findings from the survey include:

- Among Hispanic Floridians planning to vote in next Tuesday’s GOP primary, Mitt Romney holds a 15 point advantage over Newt Gingrich (35 - 20), with Ron Paul and Rick Santorum polling at 6% and 7% respectively and 21% undecided;

- In a head-to-head match-up, President Obama continues to hold a strong advantage over his most likely GOP rivals: 67 - 25 over Romney; 70 - 22 over Gingrich;

- However, President Obama’s Hispanic support is not completely firm. Of those saying they plan to vote for Obama, only 55% say they are certain of their support in the match-up with Romney and 57% are certain in a match-up with Gingrich - suggesting some potential fluidity among Hispanic voters;

- Furthermore, 53% of Hispanic voters nationally say they are less excited about President Obama now than they were in 2008, along with 58% of Hispanics in the key swing state of Florida.

- Obama’s job approval has ticked slightly downward from 66% approval in a November survey to 63% in this latest survey, although this falls within the poll’s margin of error and is still substantially higher than his approval among the electorate as a whole;

- Immigration continues to present a challenge to GOP candidates seeking Hispanic support. Jobs and the economy rank well ahead of immigration reform in terms of issues Hispanic voters say will determine their vote in 2012 (Jobs/Economy: 61%; Immigration Reform/DREAM Act: 24%). However, when presented with a statement from a potential candidate pledging to veto the DREAM Act, 54% of respondents say it would make them less likely to support that candidate.

This mixed picture of a Hispanic electorate not yet enthusiastically committed to President Obama and the Democrats, yet wary about supporting a Republican party that has taken such a tough stance on the issue of immigration was evident throughout the survey’s findings.

When asked about each party’s outreach to the Hispanic community, among Hispanics nationwide, 39% say that Democrats are doing a good job, while 37% say that the Democratic Party does not care too much about Hispanics. That contrasts to just 17% who say Republicans are doing a good job reaching out to Hispanics, 45% who say that the GOP does not care about Hispanics fully and 27% who claim the GOP is outright hostile toward Hispanics.

The survey, which was conducted by Latino Decisions includes a national poll of Latino registered voters across all 50 states. The survey was in the field Jan 16-23 with 500 completed interviews and a margin of error plus/minus 4.4%. In Florida, 500 Latino registered voters were surveyed with a margin of error plus/minus 4.4%.

Read full survey report via Latino Decisions here and here.

Additional details of the poll can be found on UnivisionNoticias.com and at Univisions’ tumblr. For additional coverage, please visit UnivisionNews.Tumblr.com and Univision Notitas online and on mobile.