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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 27, 2011

JUST IN: Supreme Court Rules 7-0 for Rahm, He Remains on the Ballot for Chicago Mayor

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Rahm - he Remains on the Ballot for Chicago Mayor. 

The Illinois Supreme Court has rendered a 7-0 unanimous decision on Rahm Emanuel’s ability to be on the Chicago Mayoral ballot for the February 22, 2011. 

The Supreme Court made their decision rather quickly since this Monday early voting starts in the city.  The matter came before them when the Illinois Appeals court reversed the decision by the Chicago Board of elections, which in essence kicked him off the ballot.  The ballot will start printing and the candidate can now use his $11 million dollar campaign funds for the election versus legal fees.

The Supreme Court chose not to meddle in local political issues and looked heavily at the fact that he was a tax payer and always intended to return to the city of his birth.