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Latino Daily News

Monday August 22, 2011

Supporters Shave Heads in Solidarity With Hugo Chávez

Supporters Shave Heads in Solidarity With Hugo Chávez

Photo: Chávez supporters shave their heads

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On Friday, six men from the Dominican Republic shaved their heads in support of Chávez in front of the Venezuelan embassy on the island. The group was invited Sunday to Miraflores palace, where they were greeted by Chávez himself, who hugged them and posed for a few candid shots with them.

In a televised prayer event on Sunday, Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez said he no longer feels sick, and was instead convalescing from an “illness I had.”

During the religious event, a hundred supporters shaved their heads in solidarity with Chávez, who might undergo a third round of chemotherapy, to eliminate any trace of his undisclosed type of cancer.

Rafael Guillen, president of the Paz Dominicana religious movement and organizer of the symbolic act, said the group had received an invitation from sister Christian organizations in Venezuela to share their experience in faith and solidarity with Chavez. The visitors were Julio Peguero, Angel Rodriguez, Hector Carvajal, Javier Abreu and Leidy Jimenez, the only woman to shave her head.

So the bald look is all you need to get invited to Venezuela for the royal treatment these days, huh? Are you taking notes, Gaddafi?