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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 16, 2010

Support for Gov. Crist’s Independent Senate Bid Coming from Unlikely Source

Governor Charlie Crist announced that he now supports President Obama’s policy allowing travel to Cuba.  This change of stance for Crist is in stark contrast to his Republican gubernatorial days when he required $250,000 bonds on travel agencies booking travel to the island. As an independent candidate for senate he clearly is moving away from some of the Republican positions on Cuba.  He affirmed his support for the embargo but advocated for travel to Cuba for Cuban American’s for humanitarian reasons.  “I do support the embargo, and I think that what the current administration has done by allowing families to visit [Cuba] is compassionate.”

Many Floridians who want the travel ban to continue and were supporters of Crist are dumbfounded on the turn about.  Just this year under Crist, legislation was passed barring universities from receiving public dollars for academic trips to Cuba.  The change in stance will allow Crist to seek campaign funds from the very businesses he was cracking down on - the travel business.  Many seem receptive to support Crist’s independent Senatorial bid in hopes that he will seek the removal of the travel ban for U.S. tourist and lift the embargo.  Charlie Crist has not promised a change in position on the embargo but remains open to discussing the matter with constituents.



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