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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 8, 2010

Summer Travel Just Got Pricier with Passport Fees Increase

Passport fees are set to increase next week tuesday if you are planning on applying or renewing your passport. The plan to raise the fee first proposed in February alarmed congressmen, AAA, and other organizations. Moreover, more than 70% of the 1,797 public comments filed with the State Department expressed their discontent about the fee increase.

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for passport affairs, Brenda Sprague, explained that the fee increases are needed to cover rising costs which include the new high-tech security features and the new facilities being built to keep up with demand.

  • Adult passport: New fee: $135. Old fee: $100
  • Adult passport renewal: New fee: $110.  Old fee: $75
  • Minor passport (under age 16): New fee: $105. Old fee; $85
  • Adult passport card (allows border crossings by land): New fee: $55. Old fee: $45
  • Minor passport card: New fee: $40. Old fee: $35
  • Extra visa pages: New fee: $82. Old fee: It was free of charge


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