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Latino Daily News

Friday June 22, 2012

STUDY:  Los Angeles Immigrants Contribute $230 Billion Annually to Economy

STUDY:  Los Angeles Immigrants Contribute $230 Billion Annually to Economy

Photo: Los Angeles Immigrants Contribution

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According to a study published online Wednesday, Los Angeles immigrants add $230 Billion yearly to the economy.  While immigrants in California make up a quarter of the 38 million people population, they contribute a third to the work force.  In the areas of agriculture, repair and personal services as well as manufacturing, immigrants make up 45 percent of the work force. 

Co-Author of the study and director of the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration at the University of Southern California, Manuel Pastor believes according to the Daily News, “We’re seeing immigrants assume an increasingly critical role in California’s economy.  Their substantial contributions as workers and consumers help fuel the state’s economy.”

The study also states that the 3.4 million immigrants in Los Angeles County are more likely to be self employed than other native born workers.  Immigrants encompass 27 percent of household incomes and 38 percent of residents with doctorate degrees.  According to the study, by the year 2015, immigrants will also represent as many as 35 percent of the voting population.

According to Reshma Shamasunder, the other co-author and executive director of the California Immigrant Policy Center, “The report shows that immigrant workers are the backbone of key industries in California.  The story of California is one of successes won through hard work.”

This report, entitled, “Looking Forward:  Immigrant Contributions to the Golden State,” can be found online at:  https://caimmigrant.org/contributions.html.