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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 5, 2014

STUDY:  Latinos Least Represented Group in Hollywood

Hispanics are the least represented group in Hollywood, according to a study by the University of Southern California, which found that a scant 4.9 percent of actors in the 100 biggest box-office films were Latinos.

The analysis by USC’s Annenberg School notes how meager this percentage is compared with the 17 percent of the country’s population that is of Hispanic descent.

“Hispanics and Latinos are one of the fastest-growing groups in the U.S.,” Marc Choueiti, one of the study’s authors, said, adding that if it were up to Hollywood movies, that phenomenon would go virtually unnoticed.

“If popular films were the only way to gauge diversity, viewers would be completely unaware of this. Individuals from this group are almost invisible on screen,” Choueiti said.

By observing that of all the actors in the movies studied, “a full 74.1 percent were white,” well above the 63 percent of the U.S. population that is non-Hispanic white, the study confirmed the racial imbalance at the country’s movie capital.

What makes this underrepresentation still more noteworthy is the fact that Hispanics buy 25 percent of all movie tickets on the American market.


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