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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 8, 2012

STUDY:  Latino Teens and Sexting

STUDY:  Latino Teens and Sexting

Photo: Latino Teens and Sexting

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A recent study in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine shows that many teenagers are ‘sexting’, including Latino teens though not to the levels of other demographics.

Sexting is defined as the practice of sending sexually explicit messages and/or photos to someone else via text or email.  The study found that 28% of all teenagers had sent nude pictures of themselves to someone else.

White kids were sexting the most at a rate of 35% followed by African-America teens at 27%, then Latinos at 21.5%, and then Asians with 19%.  The survey included nearly 1,000 high school teens in Texas, 31.7% of which were Latinos, with over 50% saying they have been asked to sext.

The report notes that:  “While some differences were identified, sexting occurred across sex, age, and race/ethnicity. Specifically, more than 1 in 4 adolescents have sent a nude picture of themselves through electronic means, about half have been asked to send a nude picture, and about a third have asked for a nude picture to be sent to them.”

Click here to see the final study