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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 26, 2011

STUDY:  Higher Rate of Hispanic and Black Women Tested for Sexually Transmitted Disease

A recent study published in the Pediatrics journal found that young Hispanic and black girls are being screened for the sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia than their white counterparts.

A Hispanic woman is 9.7 times more likely to be tested then her white counter while an African-American woman is 2.7 times more likely.  Chlamydia, which is asymptomatic, is presumed to be the cause of what ails these young minority girls when they go to their doctor and therefore is tested for and that same assumption is not being made in the general population.

Dr. Sarah Weihe lead author of the study, that included 40,000 participants between the age of 14 to 25, cites the perception of race as playing a key role for this disparity.  “For Chlamydia infections-which are highly stigmatized STDs-white women are less likely, while minority women are more likely, to receive screening.  This may mean that [insurance] providers make judgments about a woman’s likelihood of infection based on her race or ethnicity.”