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Latino Daily News

Wednesday April 13, 2011

STUDY:  Discrimination Can Hurt One’s Health and Expand Your Waistline

If you are portly, fat or have an ‘expanding waistline’ there is something you can blame besides fast food – discrimination.  A recent study, from Purdue University using data from 1995-2004’s National Survey of Midlife Development,  shows that discrimination can hurt your health.

Discrimination is appears is likely to expand your waistline and an expanded waistline and the co-related abdominal fat is an indicator of poor cardiovascular health. 

The study will be featured in the American Journal of Epidemiology and shows that men who report being discriminated had on average a 2.39 cm waistline increase.  Women on the other hand reported a waistline increase of 1.88 cm.  It is now known why men are more negatively affected by feelings of discrimination.