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Tuesday January 31, 2012

STUDY: All-White Neighborhood Effectively Extinct

STUDY: All-White Neighborhood Effectively Extinct

Photo: White neighborhood extinct

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Today, the Manhattan Institute’s Center released a study titled “The End of the Segregated Century: Racial Separation in America’s Neighborhood: 1890-2010,” which concluded that all-white neighborhoods are effectively extinct.

The report was authored by Harvard professor Edward Glaeser and Duke University professor Jacob Vigdor and some of the key findings are:

• American cities are now more integrated than they’ve been since 1920.
• African-American residents can be found in 199 out of every 200 neighborhoods.
• Gentrification and immigration have made a dent in segregation.
• Ghetto neighborhoods continue to exist but numbers are declining.
• Access to credit has fostered mobility.

To read the entire report click here.