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Latino Daily News

Monday June 13, 2011

Students Take Over at Least 100 High Schools Throughout Chile

Students Take Over at Least 100 High Schools Throughout Chile

Photo: Schools in Chile Shut Down for Protests

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According to Chilean news source “El Mercurio” at least 100 high schools have been taken over by disgruntled students.

Close to 45 schools in the Metropolitan Region of Chile, and close to 100 high schools countrywide have been taken over by students since this morning.

The Ministry of Education has not yet released an official number of institutions that are not currently operating following a call by the spokesperson of the Coordinating Assembly of Secondary Students, Mr. Alfredo Vielma, to “take over every educational institutions” as well as march on the streets and offer cultural meetings to inform particulars of the precarious state of the Chilean Education System.

The assembly has also called for a national march to take place on Wednesday, to demand for State sponsored education, free bus fare for students through the year, better attention and development of educational infrastructure, and to put an end to the “covert privatization of education” by large corporations that “donate” funds to re-construct schools damaged by last year’s earthquake and tsunami.