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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 22, 2012

Students Protesting in Valencia Experience Police Brutality

Students Protesting in Valencia Experience Police Brutality

Photo: A Student Injured During the Protests

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Videos of police using excessive force against students protesting the recent cuts to education spending in Valencia have been circulating on social media websites, such as youtube.

The videos have been viewed many times since being posted. One of the more popular ones is a collection of clips, each showing police using crowd control tactics against students. The final clip, which seems to have gained the most attention, shows two girls huddling next two a car holding each other attempting to protect each other from police using riot sticks.

In one of the videos, a student holds up a sign that says “Franco is Back, Spring Valencia”, likening this current scenario to life under Francisco Franco, who was dictator of Spain from 1936-1975.

Another video shows the police charging the Luis Vives Institute. Police use of riot batons on a couple of students can be seen although they appear to back off after a man recording the event stands right in front of them.