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Latino Daily News

Saturday May 21, 2011

Store Stops Selling ‘illegal immigrant hunting permit’ Bumper Stickers

Store Stops Selling ‘illegal immigrant hunting permit’ Bumper Stickers

Photo: Hate Bumper Sticker

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A protest was planned in Sturtevant WI to bring attention to the sale of bumper stickers reading “illegal immigrant hunting permit’. Before the protest began however, the owner of the store removed the stickers.

“I’m not in a business of offending my customers,” said Bob Basil, owner of CITGO Auto Truck Plaza, 611 S. Sylvania Ave.

Voces de la Frontera had planned to organize the rally, Neumann-Ortiz said, after a customer informed them of the stickers.
“These messages promote hate crime, incite violence and are racially charged,” she said.

The gas station owner was unaware of the stickers as they came in a variety pack of 100 different types. As soon as he became aware of the stickers he stopped selling them.

Neumann-Ortiz said Basil’s actions should be an example for other business owners.
“These stickers can be found online and there’s no doubt they’re sold in other gas stations,” she said. “When you’re selling materials like this, do the right thing and pull it.”