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Latino Daily News

Saturday September 24, 2011

Stop Matias’ Deportation- Sign Petition Here

Stop Matias’ Deportation- Sign Petition Here

Photo: Matias Ramos

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Update: Great news! Yesterday evening, Matias received a visit at his home from an agent and was released from the electronic shackle! This could not have been possible without your support. You and many other supporters made calls to ICE, signed the petition and shared it with your friends and family. However, Matias’ deportation has not been canceled yet. Although he has been granted a six month stay, he still faces the uncertainty being deported to Argentina.

In order to cancel his deportation indefinitely, Matias needs your help to continue applying pressure on ICE. Please share this petition with 5 of your friends and family members.

After years of fighting for the DREAM Act and an opportunity to gain legal status, Matias Ramos was told by immigration authorities to leave the country in less than 14 days. Last week, during his weekly check-in with ICE, Matias was informed he would be placed in an intensive supervision program which requires him to wear a monitoring bracelet around his ankle at all times, and charge it against a wall for three hours a day.

Matias was arrested in an airport and released by immigration in February of 2010 after attending a national gathering of immigrant youth. For the past year and a half, he has been on an order of supervision that requires him to report regularly in Fairfax, Virginia - about forty five minutes away from his home in Washington, DC. This is usually a difficult trip, as he is confronted not only with the uncertainty of his situation, but also with the stories of some of the thousands of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters currently caught up on an increasing deportation dragnet.

When Obama announced that ICE would be exercising more discretion in its practices, nobody thought he meant electronic shackles. These developments show that despite the best marketing efforts of the impending Obama campaign, the current administration has enacted cosmetic reforms that do not go far enough in protecting people from family separation and harassment. We must continue to hold the Obama administration accountable for the injustices our communities are facing. 

Sign this petition to ask the Fairfax ICE Field Officer, Francisco Madrigal, to release Matias from his electronic detention and cancel his deportation.