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Tuesday January 29, 2013

State-Supported Cervantes Institute Sees Belting Tightening in 2013

State-Supported Cervantes Institute Sees Belting Tightening in 2013

Photo: Instituto Cervantes 2013

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The commemoration of the anniversary of the discoveries of the Pacific Ocean and Florida and the Year of Spain in Japan are some of the activities scheduled by the Cervantes Institute for 2013, a year that will be marked by austerity.

Cervantes Institute director Victor Garcia de la Concha discussed the year’s upcoming program during a presentation that featured musical performances by Rosa Torres-Pardo and Rocio Marquez.

“These are not easy years and we have to tighten our belts, but all the activities that have been created for this year feature excellence,” said De la Concha.

The state-supported Cervantes Institute has seen its budget cut by 14 percent as a result of Spain’s economic woes.

Montserrat Iglesias discussed the general outline of the programming that will be offered at the Institute’s more than 70 centers around the world as well as the activities in keeping with its task of promoting the Spanish language and culture.

The 500 years since the discovery of the Pacific Ocean by Vasco Nuñez de Balboa will be celebrated with conferences, meetings and musical activities in Madrid, Tokyo, Manila, Utrecht, Brussels, London and Dublin.

The 500th anniversary of the discovery of Florida will also be a central element in downtown Miami, where various events regarding Ponce de Leon will be held.

The Year of Spain in Japan is another of the important activities scheduled for 2013, and the Cervantes Institute will hold assorted events in Tokyo, including the 2nd Flamenco Summit and featuring the presence of dancer and choreographer of contemporary dance Cesc Gelabert.


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