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Latino Daily News

Sunday November 21, 2010

State of Emergency Declared in Rain-Soaked Colombia

Torrential rains that are expected to continue have caused Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos to declare a state of emergency in most of the country.  The rains and ensuing mudslides and floods have affected 80 percent of the country. 

The flooding and mudslides that have resulted from the rains have killed at least 136 people and affected some 1.2 million Colombian citizens.  In addition, the non-stop rains have severely damaged crops and livestock throughout the country.  It is believed to be the worse rainfall in 60 years. 

The President has called out for help from the international community because the country’s infrastructure and aid capacity is overwhelmed.  The Bishops’ Conference of Colombia has already stepped in to provide food, clothing and housing to the hundreds of thousands Colombians that have been displaced.