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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 12, 2014

Starbucks in Mexico to Offer Discounts to Customers with Reusable Cups

Starbucks in Mexico to Offer Discounts to Customers with Reusable Cups

Photo: Reusable Starbucks cups

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Coffee giant Starbucks said it would start providing customers with “reusable cups” in Mexico as part of a campaign to “significantly reduce the waste generated at stores.”

Customers using reusable cups instead of throwaway cups will receive a discount, Starbucks said in a statement.

“On average, a reusable cup can be used 30 times to serve any beverage,” resulting in “30 fewer paper cups in the trash or 1.5 kilos (3.3 pounds) less of wood being used for this,” the company said.

The new cups “have measuring lines inside for the brand’s standard servings: ‘Alto’ and ‘Grande,’” allowing baristas to adjust orders, Starbucks said.

The reusable cups, part of a global campaign, will be washed with “boiling water” before being filled to ensure proper hygiene, the coffee company said.

Customers bringing reusable cups to Starbucks stores will receive a discount of one peso ($0.07) as part of the effort to inspire consumers to change their habits for the good of the community, the coffee giant said.

“Our goal is that by 2015 some 25 percent of beverages will be served in reusable cups at all our stores,” Starbucks Mexico chief Federico Tejado said.

The new reusable plastic cups will be available at 415 Starbucks stores in Mexico this month.

Starbucks Mexico, a 100 percent Mexican-owned business, operates in 50 cities.


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