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Latino Daily News

Thursday November 17, 2011

Special Education Teacher Caught on Video Bullying Student Julio Artuz (VIDEO)

Special Education Teacher Caught on Video Bullying Student Julio Artuz (VIDEO)

Photo: Special Education Teacher Caught on Video Bullying Student Julio Artuz

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The parents of special needs student in New Jersey are shocked and angry after seeing a video of their son’s teacher bullying the student during class.

When Julio Artuz, 15, tried to tell people that he was being bullied by a teacher at Bankbridge Regional School in Gloucester County, NJ, no one believed him, not even his parents, and the bullying continued. But when he showed them a video he had recorded on his cell phone, they realized the truth.

In the recording, Artuz is heard telling the teacher not to call him ‘special’ anymore. The teacher, who is clearly angry and/or annoyed with the student yells back, and at one point gets alarming to close to him.

Artuz continuously tells the teacher, “Don’t call me that,” to which the teacher says, “You know what, Jules? I will kick your ass from here to kingdom come until I’m 80 years old.”

As the back-and-forth between student and teach continues, Artuz says, “Don’t threaten me.”

The teacher, with his hands out to the side and his chest sticking out asks, “What are you going to do? What are you going to do? You gonna get a chopper and chop me?”

Artuz is part of the special education program provided by in Gloucester County Special Services School District, and the teacher in the video is supposed to be a special education teacher.

When Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate asked the school district about the accusations, a statement from the district read, “The actions depicted on the video do not reflect the mission or culture of our school,” and added that the teacher was put on administrative leave while the investigation continues.

During an interview with NBC, Turiz told the interviewer, the teacher made him feel like “trash”.

When asked about the bullying by the Athens Banner-Herald, Clark Country Superintendent of Schools Philip Lanoue said the teacher’s action violate school policy.

“This incident is counter to our philosophy and how we work with kids, and we will not tolerate it. Swift action will always be taken if there are any issues like this in our district.”