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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 16, 2013

Spanish Writer Clara Sanchez Wins Planeta Prize

Spanish Writer Clara Sanchez Wins Planeta Prize

Photo: Clara Sanchez

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Madrid writer Clara Sanchez on Tuesday won the 66th edition of the Planeta Prize, which comes with 601,000 euros ($813,000) in cash, for her novel “El cielo ha vuelto.”

Sanchez had hidden her true identity by using the pen-name Jose Calvino and the fictitious title of her work was “La dama del hechizo,” while the runner-up for the prestigious literary award is scriptwriter and film-maker Angeles Gonzalez Sinde, who also used a pseudonym - Salvador Duran - in writing his novel “El buen hijo.”

The winning novel focuses on a successful fashion model who discovers that the terrible revelation that a fortune teller made to her in the past is becoming reality: somebody wants her dead and is making her life a nightmare.

The panel of judges for the Planeta award, which selected Sanchez’s novel from among the 478 entries this year, was made up of Alberto Blecua, Juan Eslava Galan, Pere Gimferrer, Carmen Posadas, Rosa Regas, Angeles Caso, who voted by telephone due to health problems, and publisher Emili Rosales.


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