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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 6, 2014

Spanish Woman Who Stabbed Young Daughter’s Teacher Faces Murder Charge in France

Spanish Woman Who Stabbed Young Daughter’s Teacher Faces Murder Charge in France

Photo: Fabienne Terral-Calmes

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The Spanish woman of Moroccan origin who stabbed her daughter’s teacher to death in the southern French town of Albi has been accused of homicide, local media reported Saturday.

The assailant identified in the national press as Rachida, 47, was admitted Friday, the day of the killing, to a psychiatric center by order of the prosecution, which said she showed signs of “psychic problems that had blurred her judgment” in her moment of aggression.

The incident occurred early in the morning on the last day of class at the Edouard Herriot Public School in Albi, which, according to figures from city hall, is attended by 284 pre-school and elementary school students.

The victim, found by emergency management workers in a state of cardiac arrest, died two hours after the attack, committed with a kitchen knife and in front of some of the students, all between five and six years of age.

Students at the center, together with their families and teachers from the school, were cared for Friday and Saturday by a team of psychologists, which, the school said, will be available to them as long as necessary.

A march is to be held Monday near the school in memory of the victim, Fabienne Terral-Calmes, 34, the mother of two small daughters.

French Education Minister Benoit Hamon said the slaying “confirms the need to fight against violence in and around the school, and to protect the professors and the students.”


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