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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 19, 2012

Spanish Technology Brings ‘Robocop’ to Life

Spanish Technology Brings ‘Robocop’ to Life

Photo: Robocop Becomes Real in Spain

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Using Spain’s Ex-Sight Technology, police officers and other security personnel will now have superhuman powers.  Using this new technology, police will be able to scan 100,000 faces per second, cross reference them in a database and identify potential criminal or terrorist suspects.  The technology is currently being tested in Brazil as their police force prepares for the next World Cup as well as the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics. 

Elazar Lozano Vidal, of Ex-Sight Spain, explains the technology to Smart Planet.  “The officer moves his face and with the glasses detects a lot of people and sends these faces by Internet to the central control of the stadium.  Then if someone is detected in the system as suspicious, the computer detects that person and the force is notified.”  Static cameras will also be placed at different locations and will have the same capabilities as the glasses. 

This technology is also being implemented on a United States military base in Egypt.  Instead of using security cards to enter the base, Ex-Sight technology provides a more heightened sense of security.  If a face is not recognized by the system, the doors will not open and the vehicles may not enter the base. 

Ex-Sight is currently negotiating the use of this technology in Football Club Barcelona’s stadium, however it may be difficult to use in Spain.  Spain’s security laws do not allow a private company such as Ex-Sight to share photos with the police.  The different levels of police within Spain also add to the difficulties for implementing Ex-Sight into the country.  Yet, Lozano Vidal truly believes that this technology can fight terrorism and would have been essential in the investigation of the Madrid Atocha train bombings on March 11, 2004 which killed 191 people while wounding 1,800 more.  He believes that with this technology the investigators and police could have been quicker to act. 

Ex-Sight, an eight year old company, has had success with computer security while also creating a secure USB flash drive.  Currently they are designing a camera that can detect fire from 40 centimeters to seven kilometers from the camera.  According to Lozano Vidal, “It’s perfect for a fire in a forest.”