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Monday February 7, 2011

Spanish Speakers Can Now Easily Build Their Own FREE Websites with Website Builder Wix.com

Spanish Speakers Can Now Easily Build Their Own FREE Websites with Website Builder Wix.com

Photo: Spanish Wix.com

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It is now easy for Spanish speakers to design their own free websites, thanks to Wix.com. The smooth drag & drop work flow that makes Wix a favorite among 6 million users worldwide can now be experienced by Spanish speakers at the same level of fluidity. Everything from choosing a site name to customizing design elements to adding pages to publishing is done with intuitive, Spanish-based prompts.

Wix Founder & CEO Avishai Abrahami comments, “This is the perfect way to start a new year, and a whole new direction for the Wix Community. Thanks to an incredible effort by an extraordinary team across all departments of Wix.com - Wix is officially in Spanish.”

Aside from the website builder itself, other areas of Wix underwent massive translation efforts, including billing and support. Users wishing to upgrade their free websites to a Wix Premium package can do so, in their native tongue, making the process much more comfortable.

The Wix.com website underwent an extensive translation as well. Main site areas like the free website template gallery and a showcase of the best user websites built with Wix, are available in Spanish.

Wix has been multilingual “friendly” for awhile: German, Spanish, French and Italian homepages came into creation early last year, visible through icons of national flags on the upper right corner of each version of wix.com. Wix has been running Spanish and French channels on both Facebook and Twitter, with a devoted following of enthusiastic Wix users from all over the world.

“This massive translation effort takes things to a whole new level. Spanish speaking members of the Wix Community can finally be exposed to the exact same user experience as our English speaking users,” says Ido Rabiner, Product Manager of the Wix Languages project.

Wix plans to continue the translation effort so Wix users from all countries can build their own websites with the same ease of use as English and Spanish speakers.

Rabiner says the Portuguese version is due in the near future, and at least 3 more languages will have versions released this year.

Wix Español can be visited from the main Wix page through the Spanish flag icon at the top right. You can also join Wix Español on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on new product features, promotions and news related to the website builder.