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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 12, 2010

Spanish Second Most Common Spoken Language, Third Most Common on the Web

In research just released by Applied Economics professor Jose Luis Garcia Delgado, Spanish language is second in the number of speakers behind English. The study underlines a growing interest in Scandinavian and East European countries to learn Spanish as a second language.

Jose Luis Garcia Delgado said that in the United States Spanish is rapidly becoming “a cultural product very much valued by second and third generations of Hispanics well educated and wishing to remain faithful to their roots and the language”.

US Hispanics are one of the most active populations on the web, with 47% surfing an hour a day (compared to 44% who spend an hour or more watching TV).

“This can be explained because probably a great number of Hispanics in the US have a higher education level, besides the tendency to conserve the language” according to the expert.

Argentina, Chile and Spain are the Spanish speaking countries with the highest percentage of Internet activity, 50% of the population and in Spain 70%.