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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 6, 2014

Spanish Sculptor Xavier Mascaro Presents Exhibit in Mexico

Spanish Sculptor Xavier Mascaro Presents Exhibit in Mexico

Photo: Xavier Mascaro exhibit

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Spanish sculptor Xavier Mascaro, who says he is “fascinated by Mexican culture,” is exhibiting his work for the first time in Mexico.

The 18 pieces on display in Mexico City were inspired by the country’s pre-Columbian civilization and seek to create “a bridge between the past and the future,” Mascaro said.

Art lovers can buy any of the pieces, which are being shown at the Galeria Hispanica Contemporanea in Mexico City’s Roma district.

The sculptures are made from aluminum, which Mascaro recently began incorporating into his work.

“One thing that attracts me to sculpture is the fact that you can evoke a presence and speak of absence,” Mascaro told Efe.

The artist said sculptures allowed him to sense “that link to people who disappeared long ago,” but with whom he shared “something in common despite the passage of time and the space that separates us.”

“Goddess,” a tricolor aluminum sculpture measuring more than 1.5 meters (nearly five feet), is the main piece in the show.

The sculpture is accompanied by small masks of the same material and reflects “an enormous range of meanings,” the artist said.

Mascaro, who started his art career at 13, said he had always been attracted to iron even though he had produced works from other materials, including bronze, glass and ceramics.

The artist, who was born in 1965 in Paris and studied in Spain, said he felt “the need to work with other materials” in the past four or five years and was now using aluminum.

“I think combining iron with aluminum allows me to play with light and space, with volumes on different scales, alternating lightness and heaviness,” Mascaro said.

The exhibition, “Xavier Mascaro: Obra Reciente,” runs until Oct. 11.


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