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Latino Daily News

Monday June 13, 2011

Spanish Police Make Arrests in Sony Hacking Case

Spanish Police Make Arrests in Sony Hacking Case

Photo: Spanish Police Make Arrests in Sony Hacking Case

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Back in April, hackers managed to take down the Sony PlayStation Network, and were so successful that the gaming network is still down. However, three alleged hackers have been arrested in Spain in connection with the Sony hack and are also suspects in the cyber attacks against Spanish banks and other government websites.

Friday, Spanish national police said they arrested the three suspected leaders of “Anonymous in Spain” in Almeria, Barcelona, and Valencia, Spain, but warn that “Anonymous “ is a global threat and has “cells” in various countries.

At a press conference Friday, the chief of the Spanish police’s high-tech crime unit, Manuel Vazquez, said, “Anonymous will continue. We have simply dismantled the cupola of Anonymous in Spain.”

During the press conference, Vasquez held a mask made famous in the movie “V for Vendetta” which has become Anonymous’ symbol. The group’s supporters have said they will retaliate against Spain, and the Anonymous Twitter account has already stated, “V for Spain…We are Legion, so Expect Us.”

The group is said to have hacked Sony Corp., the Church of Scientology, Lockheed Martin Corp., Italian energy company Enel SpA, two Spanish banks, and the governments of Egypt, Iran, and Libya. They are also said to have been the ones behind the cyber assaults against the companies that tried to impede the document-sharing site WikiLeaks, which include MasterCard Inc. and Visa Inc. which stopped payments to the site.

News has also come out that Turkey police have arrested 32 people in connection with other international hackers said to be members of Anonymous.