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Latino Daily News

Tuesday November 12, 2013

Spanish Pianist Facing Jail Over ‘Noise Pollution’; Causing Neighbor’s Gynecological Issues

A professional Spanish pianist and her parents are facing seven-years in prison for noise pollution and the alleged psychological and physical damage done to their neighbor as a result of incessant, loud piano playing. 

When Laia Martin, 27, was honing her piano playing skills as a teen she allegedly was so dedicated she played five-days-a-week, eight-hours-a day.  If that wasn’t bad enough her playing registered at 40-decibels, 10-decibels higher than legally acceptable for indoor instruments.  Keep in mind that normal conversation registers at a 55-60 decibel level.

Martin’s dedication played off she is now a professional pianist but at the expense of irritated neighbors living above her.

Neighbor Sonia Bosom says she was so damaged by the incessant playing from 2003-2007 she suffered psychological damage, developed a piano-phobia and worse gynecological problems.  Bosom also suffers from insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks all due to Martin’s piano playing.  Bosom claims she was forced to leave her home in 2007.

You may think Bosom sounds nuts but prosecutors believe they have a case against Martin and family and consider this is a criminal matter not civil.  Spanish prosecutors in the town of Girona, an hour away via train from Barcelona, not only want Martin jailed they also want her to stay away from a piano for at least four-years.

The unusual trial started this past Monday and is due to conclude with a verdict on November 15, according to La Vanguaria.


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