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Latino Daily News

Friday October 1, 2010

Spanish Men Allowed Breastfeed Time at Office – NO This Isn’t a Title of a Porno Movie

Europe’s highest court has declared that Spanish fathers who are working are entitled to take ‘breastfeeding leave’ everyday while at their jobs.  Therefore mama’s and papa’s are allowed to leave work for up to an hour to breastfeed up to nine months after the birth of their baby.

New father Pedro Manuel Roca Alvarez asked his employer to take a breastfeeding leave to be with his child when his wife couldn’t and his employer refused hence his lawsuit.  The court ruled it would be discriminatory on grounds of sex not to allow dads the same time off for breastfeeding.

What Spanish men will actually do with their breastfeeding leave is frightening to think of and possibly pornographic.  You would think with an unemployment rate of 20.5%, the highest in the European Union, Spanish men would want to stay glued to their desks, but maybe not.