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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 4, 2011

Spanish-Language Radio Paz Going Off the Air due to Financial Woes

The 24-hour Spanish-language Catholic radio station, Radio Paz is going off the air after 20-years. 

The station (WACC-AM 830) has been a mainstay of many Hispanic Floridians lives and Latin Americans everywhere.  It station offers local Masses, bible classes and international coverage of Catholic news.

Yesterday, the station owed by the Archdiocese of Miami let go of most of its staff only leaving six employees to air content from EWTN for at least 11 hours a day. 

The radio station’s star, Rev. Alberto Cutié, left abruptly in 2009 when he was involved with a woman parishioner.  He eventually left the Catholic church and is now a reverend in the Episcopal Church.  Many feel the station didn’t bother to replace him or market the station after the scandal. 

The local content is what will suffer most since the EWTN content will have more of a national scope.  Many of the 70,000 listeners fear the station will eventually be shut down completely in light of the financial woes of the Catholic Church. 


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