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Latino Daily News

Saturday April 14, 2012

Spanish King Juan Carlos Breaks Hip on Elephant Hunting Trip in Africa

Spanish King Juan Carlos Breaks Hip on Elephant Hunting Trip in Africa

Photo: The King appeared on the web page of the safari company, Rann Safaris, beside an elephant he killed earlier during the trip

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Spain’s King Juan Carlos broke his hip during a trip in Africa. The royal palace released the statement on Saturday, confirming that it was an accidental fall during a private trip in Botswana.

The AFP reports that the palace said that the 74-year-old king underwent surgery. Spanish media has been reporting that he was in Botswana on an elephant hunting trip, but the palace did not confirm that.

According to CNN, the king fractured three fragments of his right hip. He had reconstruction surgery, with surgeons giving him a prosthetic hip.

Juan Carlos has been criticized by Spanish citizens for his avid elephant hunting, especially after the Spanish media published photos of him standing near a dead elephant, notes The Daily Mail. In addition, the expensive trips are criticized as Spain is gripped by economic turmoil. Nearly 4.75 million Spaniards are unemployed.

The king’s hunting has also caused harm to his own family. The Associated Press reports that his 13-year-old grandson has been in the hospital since last week after he accidentally shot himself with a shotgun. In 1956, Juan Carlos accidentally shot his 14-year-old brother during a vacation in Portugal. Finally, in 2006, a Russian governor accused Juan Carlos of killing a bear.

This is his fourth surgery since 2010. His last surgery was to remove a benign tumor.