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Latino Daily News

Tuesday April 12, 2011

Spanish Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to Remake ‘The Crow’

Spanish Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to Remake ‘The Crow’

Photo: Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to Redo The Crow

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The 1996 Best Short Oscar Winner director from Spain, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo,  has said he’ll stay true to ‘The Crow’s’ franchise’s comic-book origins.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who directed the thriller “28 Days Later” will helm a new, darker, take on the story of lost love, murder and revenge.

Details have not been provided, with the exception that production should be starting this fall.

“The Crow” was taken to the big screen by director Alex Proyas in 1994, turning instantly into a classic cult film, due to its thrilling story, daunting soundtrack and flawless performances.

Several sequels have been made, but it is the first time an auteur looks at reexamining the original crow.

What do you think? Who do you think should play Eric Draven?