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Latino Daily News

Friday September 21, 2012

Spaniard Surprised to Find his Face on “Hipsters For Obama” Buttons

Spaniard Surprised to Find his Face on “Hipsters For Obama” Buttons

Photo: Hipsters for Obama button

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A Spanish man was surprised to find that his image has been enlisted into U.S. President Barack Obama’s campaign for a second term.

“A friend took the photo of me, he asked permission to put it on a Web site (iStockphoto) and I agreed, thinking: who was I ... at the end I’m not anyone famous,” Sergi Labori Plana told Efe.

Labori, who lives near Barcelona, said he wants to find out how his face landed on the “Hipsters For Obama” badge and if anyone is profiting from the use of the image.

“All this is very complicated because I don’t know if the photos were bought and who acquired them,” he said.

Suggesting that his reaction would be different if his image was being used by a “party of the far right,” Labori said the entire affair “will certainly end up as a mere anecdote.”

Labori, a 25-year-old criminologist and triathlete, says he likely won’t be able to get his hands on one of the badge’s that bears his photo, as the “Hipster for Obama” buttons are selling quickly.