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Latino Daily News

Monday March 25, 2013

Spaniard Antonio Banderas Returns to Hometown of Malaga for Holy Week

Spaniard Antonio Banderas Returns to Hometown of Malaga for Holy Week

Photo: Malaga Holy Week

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Spanish actor Antonio Banderas is observing Holy Week again this year in his hometown of Malaga in southern Spain, taking part over the weekend in the Virgin of Tears and Favors procession of the Combined Brotherhoods, in which he walked “as one brother more.”

“The pointed hood gives me a freedom I no longer find walking down the street with my face uncovered - it puts me at the same level as everybody else, we’re all even. That’s what the pointed hood is all about, hiding your identity and going from being an individual to being part of a group,” Banderas told reporters just before the procession left the Church of San Juan.

“I believe that Holy Week in the 21st century must involve the entire community. The Malaga brotherhoods have 70,000 members, and if we can put all that energy and human potential to use, we can do many things, and that’s the commitment many brotherhoods are making,” the actor said Sunday.

Banderas considers Palm Sunday “the beginning of a great ritual that lasts for a week and has been celebrated for five centuries,” and he does not want “to be absent from the local tradition.”

Besides being the steward of the Tears and Favors procession on Palm Sunday, and a bearer of the statue of Our Lady of Hope on Holy Thursday, Banderas plans to “find some little corners” where he can watch the other processions in Malaga during the rest of Holy Week “if the weather is with us,” because, he said, rain “is the brotherhoods’ greatest enemy.”