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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 25, 2012

Spain’s “Fisca o Quimica” Debuts on U.S. Network

Spain’s “Fisca o Quimica” Debuts on U.S. Network

Photo: Spain's "Fisca o Quimica" Debuts on U.S. Network

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An adaptation of Spain’s hit show “Fisica o Quimica” (Physics or Chemistry) debuted on U.S. Spanish-language network Telemundo Tuesday night.

“We’re very expectant, because this is the first adaptation of a Spanish fiction product in the U.S.,” Maria Garcia Castrillon, in charge of sales for the Madrid production firm Boomerang TV, told Efe Tuesday at the Miami gathering of the National Association of Television Program Executives, or NATPE.

Garcia Castrillon said that the Telemundo adaptation, “Relaciones Peligrosas” (Dangerous Relations), is based on Boomerang TV’s scripts for Spain’s Antena 3 TV, although the U.S. production uses the soap opera format and “is something more local.”

It is the “same story, with the same characters” and an identical plot, according to the Spanish board of directors, which expressed special satisfaction with the result of the meetings held with potential buyers at the NATPE gathering.

“This is a (show) that entertains while dealing with subjects that are so important right now,” a star of the series, Mexican actor Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco, recently told Efe.