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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 27, 2012

Spain’s “Blancanieves” to be Foreign-Language Oscar Contender

Spain’s “Blancanieves” to be Foreign-Language Oscar Contender

Photo: Blancanieves

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“Blancanieves,” a silent film shot in black and white, will represent Spain in the non-English best film category at the 85th edition of the Oscars and at Mexico’s Ariel awards.

“I hope that the film has the success it deserves and that it will be the fifth Oscar in Hollywood” for Spanish moviemaking, said the president of the Film Academy, Enrique Gonzalez Macho, who added that the Mexican and U.S. academies will be informed of the entry on Thursday.

Four movies from Spain, “Mar adentro,” “Volver a empezar,” “Belle Epoque” and “Todo sobre mi madre,” have won the Oscar for best non-English-language film.

“Blancanieves,” directed by Pablo Berger, beat out “El artista y la modelo,” by Fernando Trueba and “Grupo 7,” by Alberto Rodriguez, in the voting conducted “mainly” online by the Spanish academy members, Gonzalez Macho added.

Starring Maribel Verdu, Macarena Garcia and Daniel Gimenez Cacho, the film will begin showing in Spanish theaters on Friday after being screened at the San Sebastian Film Festival, where it enjoyed great critical success.