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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 2, 2012

Spain v U.S. Women’s Water Polo Goes Bare Breast

Spain v U.S. Women’s Water Polo Goes Bare Breast

Photo: NBC YouTube

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Everyone knows the sport of water polo is a rough sport except for NBC apparently.  Wednesday during a Spain - U.S. women’s water polo match one of the women’s suits was inadvertently pulled down.

Since the Peacock network and Olympic broadcaster was streaming live via the Internet a lot of viewers got a NSFW viewing.

The NBC cameras were filming up close the underwater action of the game when they flashed the nipple of a Spanish player whose swimsuit was tugged at by her American opponent.

Yahoo Sports, who reported the airing, opines that many might of missed the quick shot but since the story has gone viral, many will now be looking for it in replays.

The game ended in a 9-9 draw, this is the Olympic debut for Spain in women’s water polo.