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Wednesday August 24, 2011

Spain No Longer #1 Fútbol Team in the World

Spain No Longer #1 Fútbol Team in the World

Photo: The Netherlands is the Best Soccer Team in the World

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The title of best soccer team in the world is now for the mighty “Clockwork Orange,” from The Netherlands! 

The Netherlands climbed to the top of the FIFA ranking Wednesday, ending the year-long reign of the 2010 World Cup winners.

Two weeks ago, Spain lost a friendly match to Italy; the FIFA points lost as a result demoted the team one position in the world rankings.

Below, are FIFA current official rankings:

1. Netherlands     1,596 points
2. Spain           1,563 points
3. Germany       1,330 points
4. England         1,177 points
5. Uruguay         1,174 points
6. Brazil           1,156 points
7. Italy           1,110 points
8. Portugal         1,060 points
9. Argentina       1,017 points
10. Croatia         1,009 points