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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 25, 2010

Spain Continues to Gather World Titles in Sporting Events

Spain continues its winning strike after its World Cup victory, by having Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa take top spots in the Formula One Grand Prix in Germany today all while Alberto Contador won his third Tour de France this Sunday afternoon racing on the 2,262 mile course.

These notable victory’s come on the heals of Spaniard, Rafael Nadal winning the Wimbledon Men’s title and ascending to the No. 1 tennis ranking in the world.  Contador is being called the next Lance Armstrong with such strong finishes each year he competes in the Tour de France winning in 2007 and 2009. 

Alonso is as legendary in Spain as any tennis or soccer superstar having won the Formula One World Driver’s Championship at 24 years old and marrying Spanish pop star Raquel del Rosario.  This critical win will add to his “Alonsomania” which is credited with increasing the audience for Formula One in Spain.  Alonso recently joined the Ferrari racing team with a contract valued over $30Million per racing season.  ¡Felicidades! 



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