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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 21, 2011

Spain Clashes with Google Over “Right to be Forgotten” Even on the Internet

Numerous Spanish citizens are arguing they have the ‘right to be forgotten’ or at least some of the more unfavorable things in their past are.  Approximately 90 citizens have filed a complaint with Spain’s Data Protection agency in an effort to have negative information about them removed from Google’s search engine, and in essence removed from the internet.

In what can be a landmark case should these Spanish citizens succeed, Google is fighting back hard.  The Data Protection Agency has ordered Google to remove any information about these citizens or any links to them.  Google for its part has challenged the orders and is appealing to the national court.

The cases taken up by the Spanish agency range from the insignificant to public records of official misconduct – yet they are all connected in that these individuals lay claim to the “right to be forgotten.”  A decision isn’t expected for months and if Google looses it is expected to appeal to higher courts. 

The European Union is also very interested in this matter since it is considering legislation that would give European more right to delete personal information they once posted online.