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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 26, 2011

Spain Censors Lesbian Love Scenes in New Eva Longoria Film (VIDEO)

Spain Censors Lesbian Love Scenes in New Eva Longoria Film (VIDEO)

Photo: Eva Longoria Lesbian Scenes Edited out in Spain

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The Spain distributor of “Without Men” has cut all lesbian scenes off the film, including love scenes between Eva Longoria and Kate del Castillo.

Without Men” tells the story of a journalist (Christian Slater) who stumbles upon a Latin American village ruled by women while investigating a story.

Every single man in the aforementioned village has been recruited by a local guerilla group, and so the women led by Eva Longoria begin taking on the roles of men, with comedic and –of course- lesbian-erotic results.

The film was due to be featured at the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival of Barcelona, but since the censorship announcement has been remove from the line-up.

Spokespeople for Tayrona Entertainment,  the film’s distribution company in Spain, said that the film was merely “re-edited” for a mainstream audience, but Xavier Daniel, the director of the Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, told AFP “We are very angry that a distributor can modify the content of a film in this manner, the audience will not understand the plot of the film if all the lesbian scenes are cut out. It is unbelievable things like this happen in the year 2011.”

What do you think? Watch the trailer for the movie below, and join our forums section for the conversation.