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Latino Daily News

Friday October 28, 2011

Southern Chile in Red Alert for Potential Eruption of Hudson Volcano

Southern Chile in Red Alert for Potential Eruption of Hudson Volcano

Photo: Hudson Volcano in South Chile

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Though Chilean authorities have ruled out an imminent massive eruption,  an area of 25 miles around the Hudson Volcano in the Aysén region has been evacuated.

The Hudson volcano in Southern Chile spewed three columns of steam and ash that fused into a cloud more than 3 miles high today.

119 people from the Hudson Volcano area in the Aysén region have been evacuated, as a major eruption could still take place unexpectedly.

The Hudson volcano has had a tendency to erupt every 20 years, the most recent eruption in August of 1991.  The plume from the ‘91 eruption reached six miles high, and spewed ash 18 inches deep over the nearby fields, killing more than a million sheep on the Argentine side of the mountain. 

The eruption in 1971 killed five people and caused flooding, one of today’s main concerns; the volcano is covered by a glacier, which in case of an eruption would melt causing floods and landslides.

“We are not currently facing an increase in seismic activity,” said Vicente Nuñez, the director of Chile’s National Emergency Office, “we can assume we won’t be facing an immediate eruption, but we’ll continue monitoring the volcano as long as meteorological conditions allow us to.”