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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 2, 2011

South Florida Fire Rescue Dept. Catches 11-ft Animal-Killing Python

South Florida Fire Rescue Dept. Catches 11-ft Animal-Killing Python

Photo: Miami-Dade Firefighters hold the 11-ft long, 12 in diameter snake

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Members of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue (MDFR) Dept. were stunned Friday when they arrived at the home of a owner who said something was attacking his animals.

When the homeowner called 911, the dispatcher called the special unit known as Venom 1. However, the unit was delayed so fire rescue workers went looking for the culprit, and found an 11-foot Burmese python underneath a trailer.

Firefighters Alex Lopez, Jorge Salazar, Luis Perez and Vensen Stephenson decided that if they didn’t want the massive snake to escape they would have to do something. So the men grabbed the snake by the tail, and held on to it until the Venom unit arrived about 10 minutes later.

“So they grabbed it,” Venom 1 unit Lt. Scott Mullin said. “Firefighters do what they’ve got to do.”

A statement from the MDFR said, “MDFR’s venom 1 unit was 10 minutes away, so the crew grabbed the tail and held it until specially trained Lt. Scott Mullin arrived.”

When Lt. Mullin arrived he said he saw one of the firefighters holding a machete, saying he “was holding it more for comfort – like a teddy bear.”

The python is believed to have killed goats, chickens, and even house cats. In fact, Mullin reportedly said that while the snake was pulled from underneath the trailer, it regurgitated an entire chicken it had just eaten. Mullin said, “They do that to get thinner so they can escape.”

“They want easy prey,” Mullin told the Sun Sentinel, “and a farm on the edge of the Everglades is like a McDonald’s in the desert: an oasis of fast food.”