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Latino Daily News

Sunday October 31, 2010

South American’s 3,400 Mile Transoceanic Superhighway Soon to Become a Reality

The 3,400 mile Transoceanic superhighway connecting Brazil’s Atlantic seaports to Peru’s Pacific seaports is soon to become a reality in South America.  The project, which has been decades in the making, is entering its last phase and the most difficult, yet experts anticipate a 2011 debut.

When completed the Transoceanic superhighway will be another human wonder feat since the highway travels through jungles, Andean mountain ranges to glacial peaks reaching 16,000 feet.  It will also be Brazilian President Inacio Lula’s crowning achievement in the region and most probably his greatest legacy, having served as the projects driving force.

The benefits for the region are many.  Brazil will be linked to the Pacific and closer to Chinese shipping routes and Peruvians will be readily connected to Brazil’s vast and strong trade economy and its consumer base.