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Tuesday March 27, 2012

Son of Brazil’s Richest Man Kills Cyclist With Sports Car

Son of Brazil’s Richest Man Kills Cyclist With Sports Car

Photo: Son of Brazil's Richest Man Kills Cyclist With Sports Car

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The son of Brazil’s richest man is being investigated on suspicion of manslaughter after his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren sports car struck and killed a cyclist in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro.

Thor Batista, the 20-year-old son of Eike Batista, does not deny that he was driving the sports car when it struck 30-year-old Wanderson Pereira da Silva on March 17. However, the young heir maintains that he is not culpable for the death of the laborer.

After striking da Silva, Batista called emergency personnel and attempted to administer aid to the man, but it was too late as da Silva likely died immediately upon impact with Batiste’s car.

ImageBatista has stated that while he regrets the death of da Silva, it was the cyclist’s who was at fault, as he was allegedly crossing the highway Batista was traveling on.

In a statement to Forbes on March 20, a spokesperson for Eike Batista’s EBX conglomerate said:

Regarding the accident that happened on March 17, Thor Batista deeply regrets the incident, indicating that he provided aid to the victim, who inadvertently crossed the southbound side of Highway BR-040 (Juiz de Fora to Rio) on his bike. Mr. Batista called the ambulance service of the Juiz de Fora-Rio Road Concession Company, which manages the highway, to provide treatment to Wanderson Pereira dos Santos. Thor was driving within the speed limit, took a breathalyzer test and signed a handwritten statement describing the accident at the Federal Highway Police (PRF) station. He will provide all possible assistance to Mr. Pereira dos Santos’ family and, within the week, will appear at Rio de Janeiro’s 61st Police Precinct to offer an account of events.

Despite Batista’s claim, da Silva’s aunt says her nephew would not have been crossing the highway and would have been moving along the shoulder at that point in his route. She also told Brazilian news sources that her nephew had been hit so hard his heart had actually ended up inside the Batista’s Mercedes, and his body had to be reconstructed for the funeral, which the Batista family reportedly offered to pay for.