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Latino Daily News

Thursday June 2, 2011

Someone Just Punched Leo Messi In The Face!

Someone Just Punched Leo Messi In The Face!

Photo: Lio Messi got punched in the face!

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It happened today after a lunch with two friends in his hometown of Rosario, Argentina.

For at least three hours, Messi and a couple of friends enjoyed lunch at a Rosario bar called “El Club de la Milanesa.”

A crowd of youngsters gathered outside the establishment, alerted of the presence of the soccer star via twitter, text message and word of mouth.

Messi, the kind person he always is, finished his lunch and stepped outside to sign autographs and take pictures with the young fans, when suddenly, a hooded kid called him “pecho frío,” punched him in the face, and took off running, followed closely by upset fans.

“Pecho Frío,” some kind of Argentine slang, hints at the fact that Messi has won all kinds of titles and awards with the Barcelona, but none with the Argentina National soccer team. 

Messi wasn’t hurt in the incident, laughed it off, and quickly moved on. He didn’t attempt to press charges, chase after the aggressor, or loose his cool for a second.

He told “Ole” newspaper: “They didn’t even touch me, I felt nothing. It was just afterwards I heard about the commotion. Nothing really happened.”