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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 3, 2011

Some Southern Arizonans Seek to Create 51st State, ‘Baja Arizona’

Not to be confused with Baja California that is part of Mexico Baja Arizona would be all American but just not part of Arizona any more.

If some southern Arizonans get their way legislatively they would create a 51st state carved out of Pima County in Arizona.

The initiative called “Start our State” has a Facebook page all in an effort to make Governor Jan Brewer aware that the state has real problems that won’t be solved by establishing an armed force known as the Arizona State Guard. 

The concept of the armed guard was another effort by Republicans to militarize the border and handle immigration issues on their own.  Clearly this was the last step for some Arizonans that want the economy and jobs to be the focus.

The first step for this group is to place the initiative on a ballot, then get approval from the state Legislature to allow the break off.  If all that works then all they would need is to get Congress to approve and President Obama to sign off on it. 

Maybe trying to work together is more doable than this – well maybe not.